Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The First, Hopefully Of Many

Here I am (we are) at the beginning.  I've not written for the web before and I have a tendency to be a bit wordy at times.  Sorry.  I'll work on that.  I read a number of blogs regularly (check out the Blogroll 'My Reading List' for some more good reading) and even contribute, via comments, to some of them; but I've never published one myself. Until now.

As the Description suggests, the purpose for this blog is to help me remember the things that I learn - primarily about network engineering and related subjects - along my career and certification path.  I'm very happy if my learning also helps others to learn, after all a different perspective can often help clarify an otherwise muddy topic.  

I'll try and keep the 'About Me' page up to date so that it reflects my current level of experience and certification, and so that you can decide how much you trust the information I'm supplying.  As of this posting I am a certified CCNA Security (that's a full CCNA with the added IINS exam) with just over three years experience as a Network Engineer.  I've done the F5 Big-IP LTM Essentials course but, silly of me, haven't done the certification.  I'm also ITIL-certified:  Fundamentals v3.

I'm typically very thorough, which means I'll generally have double-checked my facts before I commit info to the blog.  However, nobody's perfect.  To that end I welcome corrections in the Comments and, after confirming their accuracy, I'll add/adjust any relevant post accordingly.

So, here we go.  I hope it helps.

PS.  Please feel free to let me know in the Comments if the blog is difficult to read because of colour usage, font type, font size, etc.

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