Learning Networking

The idea will be to continue to update this page with great resources as I find them that aid in the learning of everything networking.  I'll include things that I believe would be helpful to all levels of network enthusiasts, from newbies to gurus :)  [Reminder to self: Visit this page regularly!]

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Major thanks to the authors of the following resources for giving so generously of their time and skills.

Disclaimer:  I make no warranty as to the accuracy of content linked from this page, but I have looked at it long enough to decide that it should be worth your time.  As always, multiple sources is the best way to ensure your knowledge is as accurate as possible.  If you find a broken link, email me.

Cisco Is Easy - [Cisco, obviously] CCNA/CCENT level concepts and explanations written by a Cisco trainer - lots of info

Hacking Cisco - [Cisco] CCNP and higher.  Written by the same guy as the above resource.  Loads of labs and diagrams covering primarily routing.  Presented in a similar fashion to Cisco Labs in the learning materials, ie. Task followed by solution

Packet Pushers Podcast (iTunes | Generic) - [not vendor specific] Weekly(ish) discussion podcast hosted by highly experienced network professionals covering topics that are, or will be, of interest to all networking professionals.  Conversational in delivery and has a take-no-prisoners ethos that adds to the entertainment value.  No sacred cows here.  I myself have learned a lot just listening to these guys/gals chat!